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The daily skin care routine is the first step to beautiful, balanced skin. Look forward to the new skin feeling, that the natural cosmetics of Master Lin will give you.

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  • No more blocked pores

    Gentle cleansing for every day. Guaranteed without blocked pores.
    Simply mix the Master Lin Herbal Cleansing Powder with the Master Lin Body & Face Oil and mix with a few drops of water. Apply to a damp face, then rinse off with water. Special benefit: No moisturising is needed afterwards.

  • Shower differently

    Do you suffer from greasy and blemished skin? Then you should dispense with additional moisturisers when showering. Therefore, we recommend using the Master Lin Shampoo for the body as well, instead of the Master Lin Shower Balm. Disinfecting saponaria officinalis extract clears and cleanses, cedar wood harmonises and regulates the flow of sebum.

  • Weekly Home SPA

    Twice a week, we recommend a luxury treatment at home, in the form of a soothing moisturising treatment. The Master Lin Hydrating Face Mask with fine gold, pearl and damask rose, gives you radiantly beautiful skin full of elasticity and vitality.

    If you suffer from skin irritations, you should not use an exfoliator, as this will irritate your skin too much, and lead to smear infections.

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