ageing skin

The daily skin care routine is the first step to beautiful, balanced skin. Look forward to the new skin feeling, that the natural cosmetics of Master Lin will give you.

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  • Nourishing face mask for mature skin

    Apply a mixture of the Master Lin Cleansing Powder, the Master Lin Face Cream Rich and the Master Lin Body & Face Oil, leave to sink in for 20 minutes and then rinse off. This intensive moisture mask provides the skin with rich moisturisation.

  • Beauty Booster for your eye area

    Particularly the skin around your eyes requires an extra care routine. Massage in the Master Lin Serum in circular motions – first upwards [from inside to outside] and then downwards [from outside to inside] around your eyes. Then repeat the same motion with the Master Lin Eye Cream. This provides a radiant look and stimulates the lymph circulation.

  • Weekly Home SPA

    Twice a week, we recommend a luxury treatment at home.
    Get rid of dead skin cells with the Master Lin Facial exfoliator, and then encase your skin in a luxurious, soothing moisturiser, the Master Lin Hydrating Face Mask. With Fine gold, Pearl and Damask rose. For a radiantly beautiful complexion, full of elasticity and vitality.

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