Witch hazel
relieves irritation & clarifies

Blooms on icy winter days.

Witch hazel
relieves irritation & clarifies

Witch hazel is a 3 to 5 metre high shrub with hazelnut-like leaves that blossoms bright yellow in winter. Virgin witch hazel naturally occurs in Eastern North America’s mixed deciduous woodlands and can also be found in European parks in the meantime.

It is a mild, cooling and abirritant plant that sooths all connective tissue and skin. Witch hazel regulates the venous supply and heals any skin inflammations and irritations.

According to TCM, witch hazel is slightly bitter, astringent and cool to neutral. It heals wounds, strengthens the spleen Chi, controls and invigorates blood, tonifies the lymphatic and venous system, nourishes the heart Yin and calms the spirit Shen.

Our results

  • Relieves irritations
  • Tones skin

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