catches radicals & stimulating

The mushroom of immortality.

catches radicals & stimulating

There is hardly any other mushroom that has such wide-ranging possible effects and uses as the reishi. In China, this mushroom is called “Ling Zhi” (mushroom of immortality) and has been used for more than 2,000 years due to its extensive healing powers. Chinese rulers had their lieges search for the mushroom throughout the empire. It was only intended for the Emperor and was compensated for with gold.

In TCM, reishi is one of the earth elements, it is sweet and thermally neutral, i.e. it is balancing and regulates the centre. It affects the following functional entities: spleen and pancreas, lungs, liver, kidneys and heart.
The mushroom tonifies the Chi (life energy), nourishes blood and calms the spirit (Shen) and heart. It makes us more effective during the day and lets us sleep well and deeply at night.

According to TCM, reishi is antiviral, protects and regenerates the liver. It alleviates allergies, itching, redness and puffiness on the skin and mucous membranes. As a result of its positive effect on the skin’s appearance, reishi is often also called the anti-ageing mushroom.

The reishi vitality mushroom increases the oxygen absorption in blood and therefore the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the organs, connective tissue, skin and hair follicles. Making hair more voluminous and shinier.

Our results

  • For voluminous and shiny hair
  • Increases the oxygen absorption in blood
  • Has an anti-ageing function

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