Licorice root
hydrating & strengthening

It harmonises any formula.

Licorice root
hydrating & strengthening

Liquorice comes from a shrub that grows up to 1 m high. The Egyptians and Greek doctors valued the plant for coughs, hoarseness, asthma and chest complaints, among other things.
In China liquorice is used in almost all herb formulas, as it harmonises all meridians and organs and balances out the toxicity of some other herbs, extreme differences in temperature and flavour.

Liquorice is sweet, neutral, has an impact on all functional entities, tonifies the Chi, strengthens the centre, immune system (Wei-Chi) and moistens the lungs. It increases tolerance to stress, strengthens the adrenal glands and therefore prevents exhaustion and even burnout.

Liquorice removes mucus in the body. The ingredients are helpful with inflammation of the digestive organs. Caution when taking higher doses with high blood pressure.

Our results

  • Harmonises the formula
  • Tones the Chi
  • Firms connective tissue

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