Green tea
stimulating & refreshing

The perfect accompaniment for fasting and detoxifying.

Green tea
stimulating & refreshing

Green tea is not just very well-known and popular in the Asian region but here too.

According to TCM, green tea is a fire element, is bitter, cooling, detoxifying and purging. It cools internal heat, transforms moisture and is a diuretic. Green tea can therefore support detoxification and losing weight and enjoyed in moderation (one to two cups a day) it is a good, gently purifying drink in spring and summer.
It can alleviate internal damp heat with the following complaints: obesity, hangover after alcohol consumption, headaches, hot heat, bladder inflammation, eye ache, blurry vision.

As green tea is cooling and drying, it is not suitable for being enjoyed on its own and in large amounts with the following complaints: being cold often, tendency towards hard stools, constipation, dry skin, dry eyes, dry mucous membranes, sleeping problems. That is why our Master Lin Green Tea also contains jasmine which is slightly warming, balancing and hydrating.

According to TCM, green tea is one of the strongest antioxidants and powerful protection against free radicals in cosmetics. Its anti-inflammatory effect is particularly important with blemished skin and it is used a great deal in TCM. Green tea is also said to have a firming and invigorating effect on skin.

Our results

  • Anti-oxidative
  • Firming & invigorating
  • Particularly for blemished skin

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