firming & hydrating

The miracle elixir for our eyes.

firming & hydrating

In TCM, the goji berry is used to strengthen the eyes, immune system and general state of health. It was mentioned in old Chinese scriptures as a guarantee for a healthy and long life. In the meantime, goji berries are also very well-known here, there are lots of scientific studies on their effect. The berries have a very high content of nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, in particular vitamin E and B vitamins.

In TCM, goji berries nourish the kidneys Yin and Jing, the most precious essence in our body that allows us to enjoy a long, healthy life. They also moisten and strengthen the liver Yin and liver blood.

Our results

  • Cools, nourishes and moistens the eyes connected by energy to the liver

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