invigorating & stimulating

The fondly called “man root” in TCM.

invigorating & stimulating

Ginseng originates from Korea and Russia and has been considered to be a panacea for thousands of years. The at least four-year old ginseng root is traditionally used in Asian healing practices as a general strengthening remedy for all kinds of weaknesses; as a potency remedy and natural blood thinner. According to TCM, it is the only remedy that can increase and top up our prenatal life energy.

In TCM ginseng is sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm, strengthens the heart, spleen and lungs, tonifies the Chi and calms the spirit. The root improves performance, is rejuvenating, strengthens the immune system and boosts our tolerance to stress. It firms, rejuvenates and energizes our skin.

Red ginseng is slightly warmer and should categorically not be taken by women in and after the menopause. White ginseng is cooler and nourishes Yin and is a rejuvenating elixir for the mature women.

Our results

  • Firms skin
  • Stimulating / revitalising
  • Gives skin a rosy glow

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