Lady’s mantle
enveloping & calming

The herb for women’s beauty and health.

Lady’s mantle
enveloping & calming

Lady’s mantle can be found on pastures and meadows in Europe, Asia and North America and is one of the most commonly used healing plants since ancient times. Women can use this plant in all phases of their life. Lady’s mantle is a Yin plant, is soothing, enveloping, regulating, astringent and cleansing.

The plant neutralises connective tissue and cleanses the lymph. As a result, it strengthens and supports our immune system. Lady’s mantle is excellent for healing wounds.

According to TCM, lady’s mantle is slightly bitter, astringent, neutral to slightly cool. It helps with sleeping disorders (especially during menopause), irritability and inner restlessness. It invigorates liver blood and alleviates menstruation cramps. It tonifies the centre and removes skin impurities and water retention.

Our results

  • Harmonising
  • Toning
  • Clarifies skin

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