Fine gold
anti-oxidative & energising

One of mankind’s oldest healing remedies.

Fine gold
anti-oxidative & energising

Gold has not just been valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the most precious healing remedy for thousands of years – Paracelsus also praised its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Gold is an incredibly strong elixir of life. It occurs as a trace element in our body (particularly strongly represented in our brain for good reason) and has a holistic effect on our health, our life energy. In TCM gold has a strong toning effect on Qi. As a metal it conducts energy well in our meridians (energy channels) and activates energy flow. In Ancient China, acupuncture needles were originally made out of gold for good reason. It is supposed to clear energy blockages and promote long life.

Our gold supplier purchases exclusively from a refinery that has a RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certificate. This certificate is evidence of a conflict-free and ethically responsibly supply chain, which guarantees that the certified gold originates from conflict-free and correct sources. Equal consideration is given to ethical and environmental aspects.

Our results

  • Moisturises skin and gives the complexion a glow
  • Counteracts ageing processes from inside
  • Strengthens skin

Components of these products

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Visible results based on TCM

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