Dang Gui
toning & deeply hydrating

Asian women’s secret beauty elixir.

Dang Gui
toning & deeply hydrating

Chinese angelica root is one of the ten most important and/or most used ingredients in TCM. It was already addressed fittingly in the oldest Chinese healing plants book. Its main function is to build up and harmonise blood.

According to TCM, Dang Gui is thermally warm, sweet and a bit spicy and related to the liver, heart and spleen pancreas functional entities.

If she has enough good quality blood, a woman’s skin will glow, her eyes will shine and she will be energetic, fertile and healthy herself. Her cycle then also starts regularly without any problems. Nowadays, as in ancient China, Dang Gui is highly valued by women as a strengthening and beauty remedy. It is cooked in soups almost every day, drunk as a tea and applied to the skin in cosmetics products.

Our results

  • Nourishes the skin and boosts blood flow
  • Gives the complexion a rosy glow
  • Revitalising

Components of these products

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