Damask rose
smoothing & harmonising

The symbol of the Goddess of Love Venus.

Damask rose
smoothing & harmonising

This rose is considered to be the symbol of the Goddess of Love Venus and is the most exquisite of all flowers. The rose was and is a woman’s plant. In the Middle Ages it was mainly used for a lack of hygiene due to its antiseptic property. Today it is a symbol for beauty, love, gentleness, soothing and beguiling. It invites you to pause for a moment. It calms and harmonises our nerves and skin. It has an astringent and rejuvenating effect.

In TCM, rose petals are mainly used in re-convalescence, with permanent stress and to prevent burn-out. They are de-acidifying, mood-lifting and relaxing. Rose is sweet, astringent, hydrating, calming, stabilising and cooling.

Rose oil has very high energy. Its anti-oxidant, strengthening, cooling and cleansing properties regenerate and nourish our skin deep down.

Our results

  • Smooths skin
  • Mood-lifting and relaxing
  • A wonderful anti-ageing remedy

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