clarifying & firming

The extremely resistant emperor of growth.

clarifying & firming

The bamboo is a grass and is known throughout Asia for its great resistance to mechanical stress. In China it is the ultimate symbol for the element of wood: green, fast growing, strong and robust but flexible and elastic at the same time. It doesn’t break in the strongest storm but bends only to straighten itself up again without any damage when everything is over.

In TCM the bamboo is slightly sour and sweet, thermally cool to cold. The bamboo leaves and shoots are used. Its effectiveness is increased when combined with fresh ginger.

Bamboo cools heat, alleviates irritability, cleanses deep down and detoxifies, dissolves deposits and is a diuretic. It contains a very high silica content and is beneficial to hair, skin and nail growth and strengthening.

Our results

  • skin regulating
  • absorbs dead skin scales
  • purifying

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