Pearls are a wonderful gift of nature and are extolled for their beauty. They are often a metaphor for a woman’s perfect beauty. Pearl contains 18 amino acids, endogenous proteins, 7 trace elements and natural calcium. TCM attributes the pearl with properties that calm nerves, detoxify, heal wounds and… Read More

Clay (yellow, green)

Clay consists of fine mineral particles and iron oxide, which determine the colour of the clay and it has been used for centuries for detoxification treatments. The clay can also be used with very sensitive skin thanks to its fine and mild properties. Clay removes harmful substances from the body… Read More

Water lily/White lotus

The white lotus (commonly called water lily) is a member of the lily family and is therefore the typical representative of floating plants. In skin care, the water lily is valued for its soothing and cooling effect with stressed, slightly irritated skin. Its ingredients are antibacterial and anti-oxidative radical… Read More

Cedar wood

Cedars are a plant species in the pine family. Cedar wood is valued for its astringent, calming and regenerating effect in skin care. It is particularly suitable for oily skin and greasy hair as it regulates the flow of sebum. Read More

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