Saponaria officinalis extract

The common soapwort is one of the soapwort plant species from the carnation family. The plant used to be used as a detergent and can be found in our Master Lin Shampoo today. Read More


Bergamot belongs to the rutaceous plant family and is predominately native to Africa, Italy, California and Southern Europe. Bergamot is stimulating, antiseptic and detoxifying in skin care and supports wound healing. It neutralises smells and has a renewing, firming and moisturising effect on the skin. Bergamot is particularly suitable for… Read More


The bamboo is a grass and is known throughout Asia for its great resistance to mechanical stress. In China it is the ultimate symbol for the element of wood: green, fast growing, strong and robust but flexible and elastic at the same time. It doesn’t break in the strongest storm… Read More

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a 3 to 5 metre high shrub with hazelnut-like leaves that blossoms bright yellow in winter. Diluted Witch Hazel distillate has already been used by Indians for treating wounds, bleeding and dermatitis. Nowadays these positive effects on skin injuries and dermatitis are scientifically proven. Read More

Pomegranate seed oil

The pomegranate’s home is supposedly ancient Persia, today it is mainly planted in the Mediterranean region and North Africa. The pomegranate was considered to be a symbol of love, fertility and a fountain of youth in ancient times. The seeds that the whole plant carries in it contain an impressive… Read More

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