The avocado tree is an evergreen laurel plant from the Lauraceae family. It is cultivated worldwide today. According to TCM, avocado is sweet, cooling to cold. It tonifies the Yin and blood, moistens the lungs and skin and nourishes the essence. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins, very nourishing… Read More


According to TCM, jasmine is warming and balancing. As green tea is cooling and drying, it is not suitable for being enjoyed on its own and in large amounts with the following complaints: being cold often, tendency towards hard stools, constipation, dry skin, dry eyes, dry mucous membranes, sleeping… Read More

Fine gold

Gold has not just been valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the most precious healing remedy for thousands of years – Paracelsus also praised its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Gold is an incredibly strong elixir of life. It occurs as a trace element in our body (particularly strongly represented… Read More

Damask rose

This rose is considered to be the symbol of the Goddess of Love Venus and is the most exquisite of all flowers. The rose was and is a woman’s plant. In the Middle Ages it was mainly used for a lack of hygiene due to its antiseptic property. Today it… Read More


Camomile extract is often used with acne, eczema, sunburn and very sensitive skin. Generally, camomile has very good calming properties, for mental issues and impatience too. Camomile has a high azulene content, which is a strong anti-inflammatory active ingredient. Which is why it also has an exceptionally calming effect on… Read More


Ginseng originates from Korea and Russia and has been considered to be a panacea for thousands of years. The at least four-year old ginseng root is traditionally used in Asian healing practices as a general strengthening remedy for all kinds of weaknesses; as a potency remedy and natural blood thinner. Read More


In TCM, the goji berry is used to strengthen the eyes, immune system and general state of health. It was mentioned in old Chinese scriptures as a guarantee for a healthy and long life. In the meantime, goji berries are also very well-known here, there are lots of scientific… Read More


Liquorice comes from a shrub that grows up to 1 m high. The Egyptians and Greek doctors valued the plant for coughs, hoarseness, asthma and chest complaints, among other things. In China liquorice is used in almost all herb formulas, as it harmonises all meridians and organs and balances… Read More

Lotus flower

Lotus flowers or also water lilies have always been symbols of purity and have a cool, clear and calming aura. According to TCM, their extract gives skin a fine, soft appearance and it is well-known for preventing the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks and improving weak connective tissue. Read More

Dang Gui

Chinese angelica root is one of the ten most important and/or most used ingredients in TCM. It was already addressed fittingly in the oldest Chinese healing plants book. Its main function is to build up and harmonise blood. According to TCM, Dang Gui is thermally warm, sweet and a… Read More

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