Proven knowledge

Thousands of years of ancient knowledge combined with modern standards

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has stood for health and well-being for thousands of years. Its basis is to achieve a balance based on the Yin and Yang principle and 5 elements.

Our skin is a reflection of our physical health, emotional well-being and inner equilibrium. Skin irritations, premature wrinkles and dry spots are indications of a dysfunction in the respective connected part of the body. Our face is a good indicator for possible dysfunctions.

TCM always treats the cause of a dysfunction, as a result this unique skin care gives our skin its natural healthy balance back.

All the Master Lin range’s formulas are based 100% on TCM and are therefore perfectly balanced. Our skin absorbs what it needs. Every product is therefore suitable for all skin types, harmonises and gently restores the equilibrium.

  • Thousands of years of ancient knowledge for health and well-being
  • Based on the principle of balance
  • Unique formulas

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