From the imperial court to Austria

Story behind
How it all began

It all began with an Austrian entrepreneur who had health problems: on a trip to Asia she was able to overcome a serious illness using a plant formula based on TCM and got to know Master Lin in the process. This former Buddhist monk had rescued a collection of old cosmetics recipes from his homeland of China.

The recipes were based on the secrets of Chinese empresses who were famous for preserving their beauty and elegance into old age. The holistic certified Master Lin natural cosmetics line was developed from this knowledge using 21st century expertise and an expert team of TCM doctors, healers and researchers.

As a result, all the Master Lin range’s formulas are based 100% on TCM and are able to meet the needs of all skin types due to their perfect balance. While our shell is nourished totally according to its needs, the body and mind are enveloped in heady scents and the luxury of thousands of years of beauty care secrets.

  • Developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Combined with 21st century expertise
  • Meets all our skin’s needs

Out of the organic skin care universe

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