High-end skin care based on millennia-old TCM recipes

Tried and tested knowledge

TCM has stood for health and well-being for thousands of years. Its basis is to achieve a balance based on the Yin and Yang principle and 5 elements. All the Master Lin range’s formulas are based 100% on TCM and are therefore perfectly balanced.


From the imperial court to Austria

The recipes are based on the secrets of Chinese empresses who were famous for their beauty and elegance. The holistic certified Master Lin natural cosmetics line was developed from this knowledge using 21st century expertise and an team of experts.


From the power of nature

As a quality-conscious company based in Austria, we place great importance on the highest product quality, effective natural ingredients and environmentally friendly practices.


Unique compositions

Wonderfully luxurious ingredients such as the purest fine gold, precious pearls, medicinal plants from TCM and sensual essential oils that form a symbiotic unity of nature, health and beauty.

Out of the organic skin care universe

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