What are the five elements?

The number 5 is considered to be the number of life in China, this is embodied by the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These five elements are in turn assigned to the five elemental phases that are used to describe time cycles as well as the seasons… Read More

What are meridians?

Meridians, more aptly “circulation channels”, are channels where the Chi life energy flows in TCM. There are twelve main meridians according to these ideas. The start and end points are always in the hands and feet. Each meridian is associated with a functional entity (organ system). Meridians and/or the acupuncture… Read More

What does “Chi” mean?

Chi is the universal life energy. This is amorphous and invisible but always noticeable and intuitively tangible, according to TCM. According to our understanding, Chi comes closest to the concepts of elemental force or life energy. Chi flows through the meridians in the human body and permeates our environment. As… Read More

What does Yin-Yang mean?

One of the most important concepts of TCM is the interplay between Yin and Yang, which is traced back to everything in nature being subject to continuous change and/or interaction. They are represented graphically by the circular monad. Yin, the female principle, is represented by the dark half, while… Read More

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