Why is Master Lin NATRUE and not organically certified?

Organic certification is easier to achieve with uncomplicated cosmetics products whose ingredients mainly come from Europe than with highly complex TCM formulas. Master Lin works with highly complicated formulas and with very unusual ingredients, like the reishi mushroom, angelica root, witch hazel or tiger grass (some of which come from… Read More

What does the NATRUE certification mean?

NATRUE stands for comprehensively certified natural cosmetics and guarantees natural and organic ingredients and a gentle production process. Every single ingredient has to be traceable to its source of origin with this certification! NATRUE stands for environmentally friendly practices and is internationally valid. NATRUE-certified products do not contain any synthetic… Read More

Are Master Lin products vegan?

Master Lin uses pearls in very many of its products, the products are therefore no longer vegan. Naturally, only pearls from certified sources are used. The following products do not contain any pearls or any other animal ingredients and are therefore vegan: • Master Lin Facial Tonic •… Read More

What are close-to-nature raw materials and how high is the maximum content?

Close-to-nature substances are extracted from natural substances using simple processing steps. One example of this is glycerin. It is mainly used in cosmetics as an additive to improve a product’s consistency. Glycerin does not occur naturally in isolation. However, when you separate fats, which happens automatically, for example, when producing… Read More

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