Is palm oil used in Master Lin products?

The cultivation of palm oil is problematic for various ecological and social reasons, which is why we use certified palm oil, if available. There are no suitable alternatives for palm oil as palm (kernel) oil has characteristic properties relevant to the product (e.g. melting point, flow properties). The vegetable oils… Read More

Is glycerin used in Master Lin products?

Yes, we use glycerin in Master Lin formulas. “Glycerin” is then listed under the ingredients. However, only plant-based glycerin is used, the NATRUE seal of quality stipulates this anyway. This glycerin is naturally extracted. Not all glycerin is therefore the same and reprehensible. Read More

How does the gold effect the products?

Gold is one of mankind’s oldest healing remedies. Gold was already a universal healing remedy for Paracelsus and was used to protect skin from inflammation and cool swelling in ancient times. Today, we know that in minimal doses gold has a regulating influence on the human immune system. Gold has… Read More

How are Master Lin products preserved?

Only preservatives identical to nature can be used for the preservation of NATRUE-certified natural cosmetics. All the preservatives permitted by NATRUE occur naturally but some cannot be extracted from their natural sources in sufficient quantities in accordance with state-of-the-art technology. These substances are called close-to-nature raw materials. Read More

How does the pearl work in the products?

Pearl contains 18 different endogenous proteins and also has a high natural calcium & amino acid content. It is anti-inflammatory and can be used both acutely and with already damaged skin (after frequent sunbathing, healed acne, neurodermatitis, eczema). Pearl is important for cell regeneration, is strengthening and repairs skin… Read More

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